Top 10 Stress Management Techniques for Children

Stress management techniques: Stress is the mental pressure in the form of tension, strangeness, unfavorable environment and workload, etc. These factors affect the abilities and activities of children. To enhance the academic performance of children, they need a stress free environment.

Top 10 Stress Management Techniques for Chilren
Stress Management Tichniques

It is the duty of parents and teachers to provide the children with a good environment. They should manage a stress free environment at home and at school. To manage stress, experts suggest many techniques.  So, this article presents the top 10 stress management techniques in a natural order. These techniques will help the parents and teachers in managing an ideal environment for the children.

Causes of Stress in Children 

Children get stress by many social factors at home or in school. Some of them relate to friends, family, school and some come from kids themselves. Following are 6 major causes of stress that bring stress to the children in their studies:

  • School System: The strict discipline, noise or punishment
  • Homework: the burden of work and misunderstanding of homework tasks
  • Students’ Relationships: Student misbehavior, fights or abuses
  • Extracurricular Activities: Activities against the nature of a child
  • Teachers’ Behavior: Wrong and disgraceful treatment of teachers
  • Parents’ Behavior: Lack of responsibility from parents’ side

Keep in mind, stress has many negative effects on a child’s socio-emotional health and as well as on the learning process. Parents and teachers must try to find out the cause of stress as soon as they can.  They try best to reduce the amount of stress and create a stress-free environment for their children to improve learning performance.

 Top 10 Stress Management Techniques for Children

Stress management for kids becomes a more important topic today. Parents should know the ways to reduces stress in their children’s lives. So the following are the most effective stress management techniques for children that enable the parents/teachers to take steps to reduce stress in children.

1.Have an Adequate Sleep

Children possess a delicate brain structure. Brain cells play a great role in the learning process. Long use of brain activities creates fatigue and stress. To remove stress, children need a sound period of sleep. This sleep soothes the brain cells.  Relaxation through sleep improves the brainpower. Thus sleep reduce stress and prepares the brain for learning. Hence a peaceful sleep is a sure solution to stress management.

2. Timely Appreciation

Appreciation means admiring the good points of students. Children like appreciation. Teachers and parents should admire a child for some good work. It motivates the children on academic work or any co-curricular activity.

Timely appreciation refers to admire the students at the time of action. Appreciation pleases the students and this pleasing act lessens stress. On appreciation, children do not feel the work burden. It increases their passion for school activities without stress or trouble.

3. Regular Exercises

Children are at a stage of fast growth. They require exercises for growth. Exercises improve well the body and mind. Exercises relieve the brain muscles and this takes away stress. Exercises prepare children for more and more work.

Regular exercises build a sound mind for efficient academic work. This also creates willingness for work and willingness surely eliminates stress. A regular exercise system keeps the children free of any mental pain or stress. So choose the stress management exercises to improve the physical and emotional health of a child.

3. Take Breaths at Calm

Here breaths at the calm count for perfect and peaceful breathing at rest. Stress poses a burden on the brain and produces tension in the brain cells. Breaths in a peaceful position relax the mind and cure tension.

Parents should guide the children to this technique. When you feel stress on your brain, sit down on an easy chair or place. Now close your eyes, think calmly, and take long breaths repeatedly.

5. Progressive Muscles Relaxation

Stress is not only a mental problem but it also relates to the body. Body muscles have an impact on brain nerves. Muscles of the chest and head areas have a greater effect on mental activities.

Fatigue of body muscles transfers stress to the brain area. Hence progressive muscle relaxation is proposed for removing mental stress. Ever keep relaxing your body to control stress. So care much about seating, lighting, and ventilation for the children. Keep in mind that Muscle relaxation exercises help to manage stress very effectively.

6. Listening to the Music

Music has harmonic waves. These waves have a pleasing effect on minds. Experts recommend listening to music as a cure to run away mental tension or stress. Music is a sure source of stress removal. Parents and teachers must arrange some musical media for the children in stress. They must select some good music items for stress removal purposes. Good musical contents do not distort children’s minds socially and ethically.

7. Be Organized

Life has many sorts of order and harmony in it. When you disturb this order, stress produces there. Every human activity runs the best in an organized pattern. To keep harmony in school activities, there is a time table.

Parents should also introduce a time table for children at home. They must keep relaxing hours in the time table for rest, sleep, and play. This develops a routine for the children and they remain out of stress and tension.

8. Balance Diet

All of the children are in a growing age. They need different food nutrients for their bodies and minds. When you provide a balanced diet to the children, they became active and healthy. Then they remain away from diseases. Children perform their work and play in a happy mood. Thus, they keep away the stress from them.

Pleasure comes with a healthy and balanced diet is a necessity for health. Teachers should guide and parents must provide a balanced diet to keep the children free of stress.

9. Find out Faults

Every stress is a result of some fault. These faults affect the body and mind frequently. The faults have many causes. Faults arise from bad health, malnutrition, wrong choices, and bad environment.

Parents and teachers must find out the faults beyond the stress in children. They should try to get rid of these faults. It improves the mental efficiency of the children. They rest in the peace of mind and body. This all keeps them away from stress.

10. Positive Thinking

Negative things destroy the mental capability of children. Teachers and parents must train students with positive behavior. Positive thinking has good effects on the mind. It is a real treatment of stress.

Teachers must guide the children to think positive, do good, and remove the bad ideas from their minds. Positive thinking enhances development at a good pace. When you are positive toward others, you feel well and there comes no stress on you.


Here you find the best stress management techniques list. We chose these techniques from a great treasure of knowledge. The selection serves well as the objective of stress management. These different techniques help the teachers and parents to provide stress less conditions for getting an education.

Sometimes, there are many psychological factors that affect children in one way or the other. From these psyches, stress is the core issue. So visit the philologist or psychotics when you need help.

Above stress management activities and techniques have different applications in so many situations. Students face many types of stress in various situations. These techniques are a source of stress management tricks.

Parents and teachers can use a technique as per the situation. In some situations, two or three techniques are jointly used to remove stress. We hope that teachers and parents will find these techniques great support in managing the stress.