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Top 10 Early Childhood Learning Centers

Early childhood learning center (ECLC )  is any regulated mechanism that provides education and cares for children from birth to the age of schooling. This mechanism is found across the world. It includes daycare facilities for children and kindergartens of the family type. Private and publicly funded provision of services, as well as the provision of

Language Development In Children

Language development in children is an important subject for many educationists and scientists. The majority of children acquire their mother tongue without being taught by anyone. This phenomenon makes us consider that the development of speech is a difficult task, but it is done innately and unconsciously. Repetition and imitation are the first mechanisms of

10 Best  Animal Stories For Kids With Moral Values

Best animal stories: Kids get excited about animals, whether it’s the pigeons in the park, a little turtle, or even the fish in the aquarium. Especially with animals that can interact like dogs and kittens. We usually learn something through readily available approaches, and one of the most acceptable means of learning is the whole

Top 10 Free Online Science Games For Kids

Science games explore nature with science. Science is important for kids in many ways. The world around us is full of scientific facts. Science is base on observations and experiments. These observations and experiments build up the discovery powers of the children and motivate them to learn science. Benefits of Science Learning Games These online

Top 10 Tips to Develop Leadership Qualities in Children

  Leadership is the art of leading others on certain issues or ideas. The leadership qualities of children come in two ways: instinctive and instructive. A child having leadership qualities by birth is an instinctive way of proving a leader. Instructive way of leadership requires sufficient e training for leadership development to turn him/her into

Top 11 Tips to Select the Best Preschool

The selection of best preschool becomes the most important considerations of parents today. It is a difficult task to pick the right preschool within so many schools. The early education opens the door for success and happiness in later life. Because of this,  parents connect with friends, educators,  search online, and get feedback from other

How to Discipline a Child Without Punishment

Maintaining discipline is a necessary part of child development. Keeping a child in discipline without punishment is an important task for parents. Moreover, the consequences of punishment link with child behavioral and learning problems. Physical Punishment techniques become ineffective today.  Many parents don’t know the ways to discipline children without punishing. So,   the following are