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Top 10 Holiday Activities for kids

Holiday activities for kids: Kids became bored with the same thing quite early, so it is essential to keep them busy in fun and entertaining activities through which they can learn also. The top 10 holiday activities for kids will be described in this article. The holiday activities can be related to fun games, physical

What is Montessori Education System

Montessori education has its basis on some self-intended and self-instructed activities. It relies on hands-on learning and shared practices. In Montessori education, children apply creative options in their education, while the greatly skilled teachers present age-oriented activities to direct the education courses. Children learn in groups and as separate individuals. They focus on and search

Top 10 Positive Parenting Solutions for Kids

Positive parenting solutions is all about care, love, and healthy relationship. Parents come under pressure sometimes and all they want to smack their kid. But, this is not a healthy way to treat your child. Several positive parenting techniques emphasize on positive interaction. Here you will find the top 10 positive parenting solutions for the

Reading Activities: How to Teach your Child to Read

How to teach your child to read: Reading is an essential part of a child’s  socio-emotional and cognitive development.  Teaching reading is a process and it needs techniques and activities to improve reading of children. An important question arises here how to teach your child to read? Because many parents don’t know the ways to

Top 10 Early Childhood Learning Centers

Early childhood learning center (ECLC )  is any regulated mechanism that provides education and cares for children from birth to the age of schooling. This mechanism is found across the world. It includes daycare facilities for children and kindergartens of the family type. Private and publicly funded provision of services, as well as the provision of

10 Best  Animal Stories For Kids With Moral Values

Best animal stories: Kids get excited about animals, whether it’s the pigeons in the park, a little turtle, or even the fish in the aquarium. Especially with animals that can interact like dogs and kittens. We usually learn something through readily available approaches, and one of the most acceptable means of learning is the whole

Top 10 Free Online Science Games For Kids

Science games explore nature with science. Science is important for kids in many ways. The world around us is full of scientific facts. Science is base on observations and experiments. These observations and experiments build up the discovery powers of the children and motivate them to learn science. Benefits of Science Learning Games These online