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How To Involve the Uneducated Parents In Child Education

The positive role of parents is essential to improve a child’s academic achievements. They always have best wishes and high expectations for the best performance of their children in t academic career. However, sometimes parents feel helpless to support their children and they don’t know how they can play a positive role in their child’s

Top 7 Benefits of Mother Education in Child Learning

The literature indicates that a mother’s education plays a  significant role in increasing child learning outcomes. Mom is the custodian of the house. She can play a key role in creating a learning and caring environment at home.   Because of this, governments should focus on girls’ education at large to produce good and educated

10 Best Ways To Increase Parental Involvement in School

Parental involvement in school is an area of importance in a child’s cognitive development. Studies have shown that parental engagements in educational processes have produced positive effects on children’s academic achievements. It also helps to increase the success ratios of all the school’s programs. Any learning programs cannot succeed without active family participation in the

10 Best Tips To Build A Parent Child Relationship

Parent Child Relationship:  Studies show that a healthy parent-child relationship leads to positive results for both the child and the whole family. The way in which the family members have connected shows on a level of how the child is going to be connected to his environment in the future. It is also capable of