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Top 14 Activities to Improve Emotional Regulation Skills In Children

Emotional Regulation Skills: Every child was born with several emotions. A child’s emotions include interest, happiness, sadness, fear, surprise, anger pleasure, contempt, disgust, and self-worth. He starts to express his emotions from his early childhood by crying, smiling, and seeing. Parents are the first effective characters who play an effective role in the emotional regulation

Best Tips to Deal with Behavioral Problems in Children

The behavioral problems in children relate to the emotional, physical, and physiological development of a child. The common behavioral issues include threats of violence, snoring in class, disturbing others, physical aggression, blaming others, and telling lies, etc. Because of this, it becomes a barrier to get success in academic and professional careers. It is the

10 Best Ways To Increase Parental Involvement in School

Parental involvement in school is an area of importance in a child’s cognitive development. Studies have shown that parental engagements in educational processes have produced positive effects on children’s academic achievements. It also helps to increase the success ratios of all the school’s programs. Any learning programs cannot succeed without active family participation in the

Top 10 Qualities of a Good School

The school is the primary unit to prepare educated and civilized people for society. It is a difficult task for parents to find out the good school for kids.   It is the learning place that prepares the child to complete the learning task in the future. Parents should examine the qualities and programs of the